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What is the Forex Angel

Sovereign Trading-Panel
MT4 is very awkward when orders need to be opened or manipulated. The opening or changing of an order takes an inefficiently long time in MT4 to choose the required settings. The ability to secure profit or limit a loss every millisecond is crucial.

Timer functions, Auto Stop, Trailing, and manual intervention during fast Market-changes are possible through a Trading Panel displayed in the current currency pair chart in MT4. The human user of the EA can decide manually when the EA should resume trading.

Because of this, a Trading Panel that allows quick opening from Orders with predefined settings has been developed. With the Trade Panel, an order can be quickly changed or the trailing stop parameters can be manipulated. an order or set Trailing. Therefore, the Trade Panel is the only right decision to make quick decisions to implement. The Trade-Panel can open all order types including 2 orders at once, buy and sell Stop or Limit Orders with one click, as a hedge trade. The distance to the market can be predefined as part of the Panel parameters. When an order is already opened, the stop-loss or trailing stop settings are always under manual control, and the direction of the trade or taking of profit can be done instantly.

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