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Who can get the forexangel?

Not everybody who is interested in Forexangel will receive the Trading package.
We have limited the number of customers we are able to serve.
Everyone who registers with us is personally checked,
 and we will decide in a personal discussion, whether you may or may not use the Trading package.
We ask for the same documentation as your broker does.
1. Proof of residence
2. A copy of a valid ID .
3. Phone number where we can reach you (especially for extended services Clients)
4. Details of the broker you keep your trading account with.
   We have brokers we cooperate with not to interfere with Forexangel and there you are able to get special conditions.
5. The expert advisor is specifically connected to  your trading account number and is automatically revoked for tby non-payment till  all outstanding payments are settled.

Settlement takes place once per day, payments are settld at the end of the week.
You can view  all your account data in the Member-site
Losses the from manual trading, are not included in the settlement.


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