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Part 1
             Before using the Panel you should set your prefered settings for the
             PendingOrderDistance ,Stoploss, Takeprofit and the Trailing.
             All is to set in Points    (  10 Points are 1 Pip )


Ready for trading?

How to open an Order ?

   1. Set your Lotsize you want to open  by clicking up or down in steps from 0,01 or
       write your Lotsize in the field.

   2. Press one of the Buttons for open

       : Buy, Sell, BStop. SStop, Slimit,and SStop
         The Order Buy or Sell opens with Bid or Ask
         Stop and Limitorder Open in the preselected Pendingorder-Distance from
         Ask or Bid For Open Stop and Limit order you have an additional feature:
         set Button : h to H and you can open orders in both directions in the same time.

How to change an Order ?

 In the field after Order you will see the Ordernumbers from the open Orders.
select the Order you want to modify.
you can Modify:
Stoploss , Takeprofit, TrailingPoints and Trailingdistance  for the selected Order
set the Value in Points and press the executionbutton for this Funktion

Part 2

How to close an Order ?

        For close an Order we have 4 possibilities..

     1. the Order close by Stoploss

     2. the Order close with TP

     3. the Order is with trailing, and close with the settings from Trailing y an new Stoploss

      4. Manuel close;


       X-all                close all open orders in this Chartopened by the Panel
       X-selected      close the Order you have selected in the Orderselectionbox
       X-buy              close all open Buy-Orders in the Chart
       X-sell              close all open Sell-Orders in the Chart
       X-Profit          close all Orders which are in Profit
       TakeProfit      close all Profit Orders and Open the same direction with the same
       Hedging          close all Profit Orders and Open in Opposite direction with the same


    In the Box Order you can choose any open Order from this currencypair, which
    you want to manipulate. By selecting <ou will see is trailing is enabled for this
    order ,and you can see the trailing settings




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