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Lizens für das Sovereign Trade-Panel


You agree that any use of this Panel by you, or anybody under your authority or auspices,  signifies your agreement with, and adherence to, this license.

You agree that this license is the entire agreement for the permitted use of the software  comprising this Panel.

You agree that there are no express or implied warranties, guarantees or conditions attached  to this Panel, including there being no implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a  particular purpose or non-infringement.

You agree that computer programming is not a completely mistake free endeavor, and that this  Panel may have software flaws that could cause significant losses for anyone using it.

You agree that Forex trading is speculative and that it is possible to lose more than the initial  investment. YOU ABSOLUTELY AGREE THAT YOU BEAR 100% OF THE RISK, MONETARY OR  OTHERWISE, IN USING THIS Panel.

You agree to hold forever blameless, and without any liability whatsover, anyone connected in  any way whatsoever with the creation, maintenance, development, that of software or  otherwise, marketing, selling or purveying of this Panel, for any perceived patent or  trademark infringement, or for any losses whatsoever incurred by you or anyone affiliated  with you, as a result of the use of this Panel whether those losses are as a result of market  activity, broker execution delays, due to any defect in the software or for any other reason  whatsover.

You agree that you will never use any sort of legal, litigative or arbitrative remedy and  foreswear and forever decline any legal recourse in the event of any losses incurred as a  result of use of this panel, or of any perceived infringement of patents or trademarks, and  that your sole and only recourse in the event of any disagreement with the terms of this  license or any loss incurred by you is the cessation of use of the Panel and erasing and  destruction of all copies.

You agree that any use of this panel must be authorized by registration on the home page and  that any unauthorized use by you or any under your authority is a violation of this license,  such unauthorized use which must cease immediately.

You agree that the Panel may from time to time transmit to the Panel Owners' servers various information about your account and anything else possible to access by use of interfaces to your trading platform and that the freedom to transmit such information at any time is one (but not the only) condition of allowed use of the Panel.

You agree that this transmission of your account and environment information is justifiable under the "Know Your Customer" guidelines and regulations in your locale as well as any locale of the Panel Owners.

You agree that the Panel may receive information periodically from the Panel Owners' servers as a reaction to your transmitted information and enforce registration and use of the Panel with this information.

You agree to the loss of your ability to use the Panel as a result of any transmitted information to the Panel Owners that is deemed to be in violation of this license, including not being registered, pending satisfactory registration completion, occurring at the sole discretion of the Panel Owners.

You agree that this Panel is licensed only, and only to those who agree to this license.


You  agree that you have no ownership whatsover in this Panel. You agree that this license give you  only limited usage rights of this Panel and the owners of this Panel reserve all other rights,  of ownership, usage and licensing, to themselves.

You agree that you will not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the software of this  Panel.

You agree that the owners of this Panel may block your ability to use this Panel by whatever  means are necessary, and that you will hold those owners of this Panel absolutely blameless  for such loss of ability to use this Panel even if such non-ability causes you to incur any loss,  financial or otherwise.

You agree that unauthorized transferring or allowing of others that are not registered to use  this Panel is a gross violation of this license and any such breach of this license immediately  cancels any authorization for you to use this Panel until such time that the owners of this  Panel agree otherwise.

You agree that in the event of any discrepancies, inconsistencies or other differences between different language versions of this license that the English version of this license governs and controls.

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